What to do in Kemer, Where to go in Kemer, Where to visit in Kemer Turkey
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What to do in kemer

What to do in Kemer?
Kemer — is one of the famous tourism resort of Turkey located on the shores of Mediterranean. Every traveler, coming here has to know what to do in Kemer or where to go in kemer. Forever kemer attracts tourist attentions with its comfortable sandy beaches, azure crystal-clear sea water and fairly democratic prices for recreation. As a travel agency Kemer Tours company helps its customers to plan their Kemer holiday.
Kemer Tours offers its guests much richer choices for trying some interesting and awesome excursions in Kemer. All tours in Kemer organized by our company, are under the rights of Turkish Tourism Association. Answer of the question of what to do in Kemer combines itself more wide meanings which depends on tourist. So we divided our  attractions into different categories like natural, historical, culturel, extreme, mixer etc. But primarely everybody is advised Turkish bath Hammam in Kemer on the first day of holiday till sun tan, in the middle of holiday other tours in Kemer, in the end of holiday Kemer boat tour for helping you to get more brown and relax. We offer you the next much more interesting tours in Kemer too: Kemer City tour, jeep safari i Kmer, Paragliding i Kemer etc. Next tours from Kemer: Cappadocia from Kemer, Pamukkale from Kemer, river boat cruise from Kemer, tour from Kemer to antic city Side and amphitheater Aspendos etc. 
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