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About Kemer Tours

Turkey is a country with a century of history, a country of ancient monuments, antique buildings and numerous museums. A country with gorgeous beaches, picturesque sea and stunning nature. This is what attracts the country to tourists from all over the world.

Only Turkey can offer travelers a vacation in hotels for every budget and a huge variety of excursion programs for every taste.

Our company Kemer Tours, working for many years in the tourism sector, can offer you excursions in Turkey to all the most interesting sights of the country. Our professional guides will share their knowledge with you and introduce you to Turkey's interesting historical past.

Why do tourists choose our company

  • We offer a wide range of excursions throughout Turkey with quality service at affordable prices!
  • We are licensed by TÜRSAB to conduct all excursions.
  • Our prices are two to three times lower than those of the hotel guide and street agencies.
  • We offer online booking of excursions, which greatly saves you time on vacation, because you do not need to go to the office and waste time on the road.
  • In our company, ordering excursions without prepayment.
  • One of our priorities is high quality excursions and low prices.

We will organize any excursion for you, from group tours to individual itineraries. With us you will find a tour that will suit you.

Kemer Tours also offers group and individual transfer services, which you can use to travel to and from the airport to the hotel. We will provide comfortable cars for any number of passengers.

If you cannot independently decide on the choice of excursions, our staff will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose excursions in Kemer.

Welcome to Turkey, where heritage is intertwined with culture and tradition combined with nature and the friendliness of the locals. To a country that will win your heart forever! We will do our best to make the time spent with our company leave the warmest memories and unforgettable impressions.

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