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Privacy Policy

Kemer Tours is a website about tourism and recreation in Turkey. This site covers popular travel destinations.

On the site you will find detailed information about the country, about the sights of Turkey, reviews of tourists, the latest news and photos.

By using this site you become a User on the terms of this Privacy Policy and acquire the rights and obligations of a client. The client is not obliged to register on the site, but using the site for booking excursions / transfers agrees to this privacy policy and is obliged to provide personal data. The personal data given by the client are subject to the terms - confidentiality and protection of personal information by the site.

The site administrators are fully responsible for the safety of personal data posted by the tourist on the site.

By posting information about personal data on the site, the client is personally responsible for the correctness of the specified data in front of the site.

The tourist has the right to view all the information located on this site, namely reading and viewing photographic materials.

The rights to use, copy materials located on the site are not transferred to the User. The user has the right to write to the administration of the site his questions, comments or suggestions by email or other means of communication.

The client of this site is responsible for compliance with the current Privacy Policy, for the full legal registration of the personal data posted by him, for the accuracy and reliability of the information provided.

The provisions of this Agreement are general in nature and, if necessary, the relationship of the parties is governed by special agreements.

This Agreement is governed by the current legislation of Turkey. The current Privacy Policy is posted on this website. These Terms can be changed by the site administration at any time without warning the User. The new information of the Privacy Policy will take effect from the moment it is published on the website.

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