The fire of Anatolia from Kemer

In love with the art of dance? In music and rhythms? Then the tour of the Anatolia Lights Show from Kemer will make you happy.
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Content of the trip

 The fire of Anatolia from Kemer is best for people In love with the art of dance. this tour is full of music, rhythmic, and makes a fun time. This ensemble is an unusual dance masterpiece. Their performances are unique and scheduled for several years to come.

Dance is the feeling, passion, and boiling of life. In this show all the dancers know and love their business, are given to dance completely. They are masters of their craft, causing delight in all connoisseurs of dance. A tour of the Anatolia Lights Show from Kemer must be visited by you, it will reveal to you the art of dance in all its splendor so that you will unwittingly want to learn to dance. 
The founder of the collective is Mustafa Erdogan, an example of making dreams a reality. If you want something, it will come true with due effort, and without stopping on the way to the cherished. Mustafa arranged the casting, chose the best of the best. They rehearsed almost all day, tirelessly, not feeling sorry for themselves, and so the famous band appeared. In our tour, you will be able to see the result of unbearable works of dancers and make sure that nothing is impossible. We also offer to visit the yacht rental in Kemer.

The main line-up is striking in its scale and includes more than 250 permanent dancers. And the ensemble is included in the Guinness Book of Records for the fastest performance of the number and a huge audience. And if you haven't seen this incredible show yet, our tour will give you a chance to visit there. 

From the combination of modern choreography, Turkish folk dances and classical ballet will spin ahead. Tears of delight and immense beauty of dance will speak involuntarily. This is the feeling that will tremble in the soul for a long time and respond with a pleasant aftertaste. 
As part of the tour, you will see two bright shows. "Anatolia Lights" is about the history of Turkey and Troy-based on Homer's work. You will feel every part of the soul the powerful energy of dance and will be delighted for a long time. 



  • Departure from your hotel in Kemer on a comfortable bus.
  • Delicious dinner from the national cuisine in the restaurant.
  • The first part of the famous program-birth and formation of the culture of Anatolia.
  • Intermission (free time).
  • The second part of the show is the unification of many dance directions into one whole (ballet,
  • folk, modern dance).
  • Transfer back to the hotel on comfortable buses.
Tour daysTuesday, Friday.
Tour hours
16:30 - 23:00
IncludesGuide, transfer, health insurance, entrance tickets, dinner.
ExcludesPersonal expenses
RecommendedFunds for personal expenses
Adult 220
Children (7 - 12 Ages ) 220
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