Oceanarium from Kemer

The Oceanarium in Antalya is an amazing modern entertainment complex. Every year it affects a wide variety of species of fish and marine animals.

Oceanarium from Kemer

Departure every day. We will pick you up from hotels in all regions. Travel time is negligible. An excursion to the Oceanarium from Kemer is suitable for kids and adults.

Oceanarium from Kemer Price

Age Range Price
 1 Adult 50€
 1 Children (3-11) 45€
The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour

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Oceanarium from Kemer Content of the trip

Oceanarium from Kemer will be pleasant to your holiday, if you like sea walks and inhabitants of the depths of the seas, then a stunning excursion.
this aquarium from Kemer in Antalya is an amazing modern entertainment complex. Every year it affects a wide variety of species of fish and marine animals. This is one of the popular holiday destinations for locals who endlessly love it. 

The excursion Oceanarium from Kemer will be remembered by both adults and children. In addition to admiring the marine life, you can try thematic entertainment and take part in games. You will have a lot of fun, but you will learn a lot of things that you didn't know about the seas and oceans before. In gaining new knowledge you will be helped by the cinema "Oceanri XD" and the territory of "Maldives" will encourage you to swim with seals and harmless sharks. And also, the most incredible, you can swim in an aquarium with scuba gear! Immerse yourself in the most amazing world of marine animals and observe their lives and even feed them. We also offer to visit: Dinopark from Kemer.

A tour of the Oceanarium from Kemer will leave you with the most incredible emotions after visiting the underwater tunnel. It's like you're walking on the seabed without special costumes, and above your head in crystal clear water will float unimaginable creatures - stingrays and sharks with flocks of mottled fish. 
From the installations of the sunken ship and the plane will unwittingly take a breath. And in the "Snow World," you will find yourself in a real winter in hot Turkey. The maximum temperature here does not exceed minus five degrees, and here you can play snowballs, make a snowman and even visit the village of Santa Claus. Well, what another southern country will you have the chance to see Santa Claus's home?

And after the tour of the Oceanarium from Kemer, we will visit the legendary city of Karachi. Its streets are filled with history and atmosphere of Roman time, and you will unwittingly imbue it with all your soul. This city will be remembered for a long time and the impressions it will make on you will be with you for the rest of your life. 

Oceanarium from Kemer Program

  • Transfer our guests from hotels on comfortable buses.
  • Arrival at the Aquarium in Antalya, home to the world's longest panoramic tunnel. Fascinating walk on the aquarium 2.5 hours. .
  • At 12:30 we gather by the bus and go to the famous old city of Antalya. .
  • Kaleichi is an ancient city founded during the Roman Empire (a 2 hour walk through its ancient streets).
  • Return transfer to the hotel on comfortable buses.
Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours
09:00 - 13:30
IncludesGuide, transfer, health insurance, a ticket to the aquarium
ExcludesPersonal expenses
RecommendedFunds for personal expenses, swimsuit
the underwater tunnel,make a snowman,sea world