Paragliding in Kemer

Experience the feeling of a bird hovering above the ground! Enjoy the heights, scenic views, and a fantastic new state of being in paragliding. Such a tour does not require special skills, just your desire is enough and you will see the coast of Kemer at a glance.

Paragliding in Kemer

Flying at an altitude of 1000 (or 2300) meters paired with an experienced pilot. Insurance is issued for each tourist. Paragliding in Kemer does not require any special training or previous experience.

Paragliding in Kemer Price

Age Range Price
 1 Passenger 20€
 1 Adult 135€
 1 Children (0-0) 1€
The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour

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Paragliding in Kemer Content of the trip

Paragliding in Kemer it's for when you want to do something extreme and extraordinary and while relaxing in Turkey you have such an opportunity. Having booked this tour, our professional pilot will take you high, high to the endless horizon.

Paragliding is an amazing entertainment for extreme lovers. Magnificent views await you, you will feel the rushing currents of warm sea air and discover the coast from a completely new perspective.

What is a paraglider? It looks like a parachute, but it is a slightly different device. This aircraft is made of very lightweight fabric and lines that shape the wing. It should be noted that this device is considered one of the most reliable and safe devices. Before the flight, you will receive preparation, during which you will be introduced to the safety rules. Then you will be put on a helmet and an incredible adventure will begin, you will go on a free flight. An experienced pilot will be behind you, steer the parachute, and ensure safety throughout the flight. In order for you to fully enjoy the vaping, the pilot will take photos and shoot videos, if you wish, you can purchase a disc about your unforgettable adventure. The duration of the paragliding flight in Turkey will be about 30 minutes, the flight altitude is 1000 meters.

 you flight out over the village of Adrasan whit this tour. This is a very nice seaside resort region. Its main attraction is the azure bay resembling a horseshoe with gorgeous beaches. This heavenly place is surrounded on three sides by the most picturesque rocky slopes. Just imagine what landscapes you will see from a flight height! During the flight, you will experience drive, adrenaline, get an unforgettable experience, and an incredible palette of sensations. Return to the ground will be smooth and smooth, the pilot will take care of it.

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Almost anyone can have this experience. The only limitation will be weight over 110 kg for men and 90 kg for women, as well as age less than 5 years.

so let's go and don't miss the opportunity to get an incredible adrenaline rush and enjoy free soaring in the sky!

Paragliding in Kemer Program

  • Transfer from the hotel
  • Arrival in the village of Adrasan, climbing the mountain to the site of the launchpad
  • Detailed flight coaching, issuance of necessary equipment for paragliding
  • Flight over Adrasan resort 25-30 minutes
  • Smooth landing on the picturesque beach of Adrasan
  • Swimming in the sea (optional)
  • Transfer to the hotel
Tour daysDaily
Tour hours
Includesinsurance, two-way transfer, pilot-instructor, necessary equipment
Excludesdrinks, photos/video
Recommendedwater, bathing accessories, shoes with laces
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