Picnic and fishing Ulupunar from Kemer

Picnic and fishing Ulupunar from Kemer - The resort town of Ulypynar, located on the slope of Mount Olympus, is ideal for those who prefer to enjoy fishing in peace and quiet.

Picnic and fishing Ulupunar from Kemer

Transfer, fishing rods and lures, as well as a delicious lunch of freshly caught fish are included in the price of the excursion picnic and fishing Ulupynar from Kemer

Picnic and fishing Ulupunar from Kemer Price

Age Range Price
 1 Adult 30€
 1 Children (7-12) 20€
The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour

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Picnic and fishing Ulupunar from Kemer Content of the trip

Picnic and fishing Ulupunar from Kemer - Ulupunar located on the slope of Mount Olympus is ideal for those who prefer to enjoy fishing in peace. A trip with picnic and fishing Ulupunar will allow you to relax in the bosom of nature, breathe clean air and appreciate the delicious local cuisine and, of course, catch a fish in the purest water of the river. 

Picnic and fishing Ulupunar - large and rolling waterfalls you will not find here, but the harmony of age-old trees with the sound of falling from the small slopes of water will relax you and help to relax the soul from fussy cities. 

The city of Ulypynar is known for its delicious fish, which has been caught by locals for centuries. Now there is developed trout fish, and trout is supplied to the best restaurants in the country. But even if you do not like fishing, the picnic tour, and fishing Uluupynar is also suitable for you. After all, you can just have a good time surrounded by wildlife and spend a few hours in harmony with yourself and the forest, resting your soul and eyes. The nature of this place is very picturesque. We also offer to visit: dolphinarium in Kemer.

Our experienced fishermen will share with men their experience and unique techniques and tricks for an abundant catch. And the ladies at this time will be able to sunbathe for their pleasure. And children will not have to be bored on the playground. On the picnic and fishing tour Ulypynar, you will spend time not only with benefits but also with positive emotions. And we're going to take care of everything and make sure you don't worry about anything. 

Picnic and fishing Ulupunar is a classic wallowing on the beach and a relaxing holiday from all the problems and bustle of the city. It will suit absolutely everyone, regardless of age and gender. 

And to save as many memorable moments as possible, be sure to bring a Picnic and fishing Ulupunar a camera to remember this unforgettable holiday as long as possible. 


Picnic and fishing Ulupunar from Kemer Program

  • Transfer our guests from hotels on comfortable buses.
  • Arrival to the Ulypynar waterfall , where there is always an atmosphere of ease and ease.
  • Get detailed information about the tour, a short course on the basics of fishing (for the uninitiated), the distribution of fishing rods and bait.
  • start fishing (1.5 hours).
  • Appetizing lunch or dinner on the menu ear, grilled chicken or fish, rice, salad, local alcoholic beverages, water, cola, fanta, tea, juice. ( drinks with extra fees )
  • Return to the hotel on comfortable buses.
Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours
9:00 to 15:30 p.m or 14:30 to 21:00 p.m
IncludesGuide, transfer, health insurance ,lunch and providing bait for fishing
ExcludesDrinks , Personal expenses
RecommendedFunds for personal expenses, swimsuit
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