Dinosaur park Kemer

Dinosaur Park Kemer is located near the village of Goynuk. There you will find three dozen believable life-size dinosaur figures

Dinosaur park Kemer
Kemer Tours

Dinosaur Park Kemer transports its visitors to the Jurassic period. You find yourself on the territory of the coast, wrapped in pine trees, creating shade and coolness. And between them are huge lizards. Here you will find brachiosaurus, tyrannosaurs, diplodocus, which at the most unexpected moment can greet you with a growl. In reptiles, limbs and tails move. All these effects make them as realistic as possible. But, you should not be afraid of them, they are quite friendly and do not bite. And after they roar, they become calm and allow not only to be photographed next to them, but also to climb onto their backs. Children will be delighted. One of the favorite figures for children is the image of a mother dinosaur with a cub on her back.

Dinosaur Park Kemer introduces ancient reptiles and involves children in play and creative processes. For example, each child can participate in the excavation of a dinosaur skeleton under the guidance of an animator. On the territory there is a petting zoo, trampolines, a 7D cinema, a panic room, a swimming pool, a bungee and many other interesting areas.

We have a special inexpensive excursion to Dinopark from Kemer. The Tour includes a transfer in a comfortable minibus, an entrance ticket that includes all kinds of entertainment, a guide and insurance. Let your vacation with children be bright and memorable!