Kiris Turkey beach

The resort village of Kirish is located 6 km from Kemer in the Turkish Riviera. Cozy and quiet place where you can feel complete relaxation on the Mediterranean coast

Kiris Turkey beach
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In Kiris (Turkey), the beach is surrounded by hotel complexes with beautiful gardens and swimming pools. Much of the beach and seabed is made up of small pebbles that keep the water as clear as possible. Therefore, there is excellent snorkeling here. You can see flocks of small fish, octopuses and even sea turtles if you're lucky. Kiris Beach attracts with its natural beauty. It is surrounded by mountains, the foothills of which are wrapped in pine forests. Nearby there are farms where orange, peach trees and other delicious fruits are grown. You can find them in your local market.

Kiris Beach is loved by families with kids. There is a convenient shallow entrance to the water, there are no sharp stones and boulders, which allows you to swim in comfort.

To diversify a quiet beach vacation will help rental points that offer riding on cheesecakes and bananas, water skiing and sailing boats, surfboards and rafts, as well as the beloved parasailing. There is a water park not far from the beach. It will definitely not be boring here.

But, on a vibrant vacation, any beach holiday requires alternation with the walks and experiences that excursions from Kiris offer. These are the most interesting routes and inexpensive entertainment for adults and children in the vicinity of Kemer and throughout Turkey.