Pirates cave Kemer

The Pirate's Cave is a picturesque grotto in the vicinity of the Kemer resort, nestled in one of the sheer cliffs on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea

Pirates cave Kemer
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The pirate's cave, at first glance, seems small, but inside it is very spacious. It was this feature that the sea robbers appreciated and hid their trophies there. There they were waiting for merchant ships and, improving the moment, attacked them. This sad story has a happy ending. The criminals were exposed and they had to flee.

Now, the pirate cave is one of the most striking sights of the city of Kemer, due to its fabulous appearance. The grotto is half filled with water. The good location of the cave launches the play of light and shadow in its walls. And the color of the water entering the cave shimmers with shades of blue and blue. The pirate's cave is shallow, and the water in it is so clear that you can see the bottom with colorful stones.

Getting to the pirate cave from Kemer is easy, but you need a spoon. The coordinates of the grotto are 36.588185, 30.589575. In the vicinity of Kemer, there are dozens of stunning sights that can only be seen from the sea. The best option is to rent an inexpensive yacht in Kemer, and sail at your own pleasure with loved ones, in the company of friends or together. The cost of a yacht depends on its size and type - motor, sailing and sailing-motor. You can rent any one according to your parameters and budget.

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