Mount Chimera how to get from Kemer

Mount Chimera is located 40 km south of Kemer in the region of the Cirali resort. The most convenient way to get there is by a rented car along the D400 highway or as part of an excursion

Mount Chimera how to get from Kemer
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If you are by car, follow the route signs in the Cirali area. Behind the Ulupinar sign there will be a brown Chimera Yanartas sign. After it there will be 7 km of a beautiful serpentine road to the sea to Cirali. After crossing the bridge, turn left and continue driving for a couple of kilometers to the free parking. To Mount Chimera from Kemer can be reached by a regular bus with the sign Cirali (Cirali).

But, here you need to change to a local minibus at the turn to the village. From Cirali beach to the mountain to go about 3 km. The most disadvantageous option is to take a taxi to Mount Chimera from the Kemer village. The trip will cost about 50-60 dollars one way.

The best way is to take a tour of Olympos-Chimera-Ulupinar in jeeps. You will be picked up directly from the hotel in a comfortable minibus. In Cirali village you will change to an open jeep. As part of the tour, you will walk through ancient Lycia, relax on a cozy clean beach, and overcome the flaming path to the top of Mount Chimera (Yanartas). See the lights emanating from the bowels of the legendary mountain. And most importantly, you will get a lot of positive emotions and recharge yourself with positive emotions for the whole vacation.