Where to dive in Kemer

It is best to dive in Kemer in the bays Kirish, Aquarium, Mayak and at the sunken ships "Pati" and "Paris". We tell you more about each place

Where to dive in Kemer
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In Kemer, the scuba diving season lasts from April to November, and the most interesting and best diving takes place in several locations that are worth visiting for all lovers of the underwater world. If you are diving professionally and have an international diving certificate, we recommend that you look at the wrecks.

The Paris vessel lies on a sandy bottom at a depth of 21-31 meters. The ship, 65 meters long and 14 meters wide, sank in 1917, during the First World War. The vessel was badly damaged, there are 10 holes in it. Coal and missiles are still on board. And in the holds now live octopuses, moray eels and starfish. The ship Pati - our contemporary, crashed on the rocks, losing control in 2001. It was divided into two parts, one of which went to a depth of 12 meters, and the second remained moored to the coastal rock. It carried migrants from Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

For those who like diving without an international certificate, we recommend taking the Best Diving in Kemer tour along the picturesque bays. First, it is much safer. Secondly, you will get more positive emotions from visiting places that are not associated with tragic events, but are popular due to the colorful underwater world.

For example, Kirish Bay, the maximum depth of which is up to 18 meters. It is famous for its underwater caves and reefs, where you can find crabs, lobsters, starfish, octopuses, goldfish and exotic lizard fish. In the Aquarium Kirish Bay, in addition to the representatives listed above, there are stingrays and fish with black and yellow eyes that you can feed. This place is protected by mountains from the winds, it is quiet and calm here, so beginner divers will feel comfortable here. Mayak Bay delights with its tunnels covered with coral carpets, in which many marine life live - sea tulips, cucumbers (sea cucumbers), and even bearded seals.

The beauty of the underwater world of Kemer is endless. Don't miss her. An experienced instructor will help you feel confident and enjoy the dive to its fullest.