Kaputas beach how to get from Kemer

Kaputas Beach is one of the three most beautiful beaches in Turkey and it is not at all difficult to get here from Kemer. White-yellow sand washed by turquoise water is worth it

Kaputas beach how to get from Kemer
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Kaputas Beach is located between the cities of Kas and Kalkan. From Kemer, you can get there by a rented car or by a regular bus on the D400 highway. The distance of Kemer Kaputas is about 170 km. If you go by bus, then warn the driver to stop by the beach. There are 192 steps leading from the road to the beach. Not a little! But, on the other hand, it is quiet there and no sounds of the road can be heard.

The small Kaputas beach is only 200 meters long and 30 meters long. wide. There is no luxurious infrastructure here, as in the usual resorts in Turkey. But, there is a shower, changing room and toilet. In the summertime, there is a mini-cafe where you can buy Turkish coffee, tea and ice cream. You shouldn't count on this cafe alone. Take food and water with you.

Kaputas Beach is comparatively wild. There are no hotels here, so there are fewer people. It is hidden in a gorge between high rocks and attracts people with its natural beauty and mystery. It's very clean here. Turquoise waters wash over the sand and rocks, creating a gorgeous panoramic view. It gives the impression that you are somewhere in the Caribbean. You just don't want to leave here.

But there are still many beautiful places in Turkey, for example, the Turkish Maldives with their picturesque bays. You can get there by booking an inexpensive yacht excursion to Sulu Ada Island from Kemer. You will bask all day in the sun and bathe in the azure water. Don't forget to charge your phone. This is where the most amazing vacation photos are taken.