Excursions in Kemer in October

The most impressive excursions in Kemer in October. In the blog, we will dispel the myth that there is nothing to do at the resort in the fall

Excursions in Kemer in October
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It's a paradox, but excursions in Kemer in October sometimes delight more than summer ones. This is facilitated by three factors: lack of crowded attractions, comfortable warm weather and reduced prices. Indeed, in the high season, it is rarely possible to see everything in detail. And walking in the heat will not work for a long time. The cost of excursions for some travelers is a decisive factor. Of the two tours you like, you have to choose either one or the other. Excursions in Kemer in October allow you to visit both.

From historical destinations, we recommend visiting Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Limira-Demre-Kekova, Istanbul, Northern Cyprus, Israel. During this period of time, they will be the most informative and interesting. We transport our guests on a comfortable bus and stay overnight in 4-star hotels. After a good rest, you will embark on a new adventure.

Entertaining excursions for the whole family are rafting, horseback riding, Jeep Safari, Buggy and ATVs. All these trips are carried out in the most beautiful surroundings of Kemer, allowing you to have a great rest and have fun. Boat trips in autumn can be combined with fishing, which will also be interesting to do on the picturesque Karacaoren lake or the Ulupinar mountain river. The sea water temperature in October does not drop below 24-25 degrees, so feel free to take your swimwear on such trips.

Many of our tours are also suitable for children. But, there are separate trips to water parks, dolphinarium, dinosaur park and others. Any child will love them.

For you 30 exciting excursions in Kemer in October. Choose yours and book without prepayment.