Tekirova what to see

20 km from Kemer there is a small resort immersed in greenery and located literally in the mountains. We tell you where to go and what to see in Tekirova

Tekirova what to see
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First of all, in Tekirova it is worth seeing the ancient city of Phaselis. You can get there by dolmus for 1,5$ and 15 minutes. It was a thriving and cultural center built in the 7th century BC by colonists. Here you will see a large amphitheater, a temple, several ancient crypts and other structures, or what remains of them. The entrance ticket to Phaselis costs $ 3. Have time to visit from 8 am to 5 pm. The walk will take about an hour, and then you can relax in the azure bays, which are very close here.

Look for what to see in Tekirova from natural attractions - go to the mountains. The majestic mountain Tahtali is located 11 km from the center of the town. At the foot there is a modern lift that will take you to the top of 2365 meters. From above, stunning views of the mountain ranges and the endless Mediterranean Sea open up. The cable car is open from 9 am to 6 pm. An adult ticket will cost you 30$, and a child ticket 15$.

For the same money, you can visit the eco-park in Tekirova. It is within walking distance, 2 km from the center. This is a real nature reserve with a huge botanical garden and its own zoo. Ecopark is home to 10 thousand species of plants, crocodiles, turtles, chameleons and other reptiles.

Another interesting attraction of Tekirova is the Cleopatra Bay. It is easy to reach on foot. It is a wild beach with relict pine trees off the coast and mountain views. The luxurious nature is spoiled a little by the garbage that occasionally comes across on the shore. It is worth noting that there is a gentle entrance to the water and there are practically no people during the day on weekdays. Cleopatra Bay can be easily reached on foot if you walk at a leisurely pace of about 2 km. Landmark - hotel Euphoria. From it you need to go out onto a wide dirt road, then follow the signs. At the source of drinking water, turn left and you will soon reach the sea.

Vivid excursions from Tekirova will help you to see more. Book early at the best rates in the region.