Wild beach in Beldibi

There is a wild beach in Beldibi! An ideal place for those who want to relax by the sea without the presence of strangers

Wild beach in Beldibi
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The wild beach in Beldibi is within walking distance. It is located in Beldibi 1 (the resort town is conventionally divided into three parts). The beach is located near the beginning of the village promenade. Landmark - Hotel Vertia. On the way from the hotel you will see a tunnel. After passing along it, go down to the right along a narrow path. The descent is quite steep, it is better to wear comfortable shoes, not flip flops. You can get to the wild beach in Beldibi by swimming, if you wish.

There is no infrastructure, no sand and non conventional sunbathing spots. But here is just a magical place with turquoise sea water, surrounded by rocks and grottoes. On one of the large stones you can make yourself an impromptu sun lounger and enjoy the rustle of the waves and the singing of birds. Active divers will love the fact that the depth allows you to jump off the rocks into the water. And here you can hide from the scorching sun in the shade of a rock. We recommend you come here at dawn for beautiful Instagram photos.

If you go up from the beach and follow the old road up, then a gorgeous view opens up from there. The road to the wild Beldibi beach and back is a small journey, and resting on it is a reward for the effort spent.

The most interesting routes and exciting entertainment will be opened by excursions from Beldibi. Choose and book yours.