Ferry Kemer Cyprus

There are several ways to get from Turkey to the island. Ferry Kemer Cyprus departs daily from the city of Tashuju

Ferry Kemer Cyprus
Kemer Tours

Ferry Kemer Cyprus is loudly said, since from the resort you will have to drive about 550 km along the Kemer (Mugla) highway to the east to the town of Tashuju. But, if you love road travel, and want to ride on the roads of the country, then go for it. Tashuju is a small port near Silifke. It is from here that ferries depart 4 times a week in winter and daily in summer.

The voyage of the Kemer Cyprus ferry lasts 6 hours plus the time spent on the road along the highway. It is a slow car ferry. It departs from the ports of Tashuju at 24.00 (every day except Friday) and Girne at 12 noon (every day, except Sunday).The round trip will cost you around 80 euros. There is a faster option - a passenger ferry. The cost of crossing it is a little more expensive, but faster. This is a catamaran provided by Fergun. It covers the same distance in just a couple of hours. Cruising from Kemer to Cyprus by ferry is not the fastest way.

We have an excursion to Northern Cyprus from Kemer, which provides for an air flight, a transfer from the hotel, a guide and the most interesting sights of the island. We will take a yacht ride along the coast, make stops for rest and swimming. And you will have free time to walk for your pleasure.