Turkish bath in Kemer

The Turkish bath in Kemer is a whole philosophy of the art of bathing. Falls in love with herself the first time and creates the mood for the whole vacation

Turkish bath in Kemer
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The Turkish bath in Kemer is not just an oriental and unusual steaming process for us, but a whole complex of rituals to promote health and beauty. At least that's what doctors say. After all, the average temperature in the hamam does not exceed 50°C, and the humidity reaches almost 100%, which is very useful. In such a "tropical" atmosphere, you can relax as much as possible and get the greatest effect from the procedures. Guests note that the pleasure and positive emotions from the procedures remain for a long time.

The process begins with a visit to the shower and sauna, where you should steam your body well and prepare it for further activities. Then you go to the hammam hall, where there are marble loungers. At the beginning, the master of bath procedures will give you a foam massage, having previously cleansed your skin with Kese's special glove. This massage is pleasantly relaxing, making the skin smoother and more tender. A relaxing aroma full body massage awaits you. A feeling of bliss that lasts about half an hour. Finally, you will receive a toning nourishing seaweed mask.

During breaks, you will be offered fragrant national tea and fruits, you will relax on the sun loungers by the pool and enjoy the traditional oriental setting. The best Turkish bath in Kemer is located not in hotels, but in specialized centers. It is in this hammam that we take our guests. After such a bath, you will have only pleasant impressions.