What to see in Kemer

People come to Kemer not only for the clean mountain air, the aroma of pine groves and the transparency of seawater. There is a lot to see in Kemer. In the blog, you will learn how to spend your time here with benefit.

What to see in Kemer
Kemer Tours

Kemer is located 45 km from Antalya Airport. A century ago, the city was a small fishing village called Eskikay. Then a dam was built, which encircled the settlement, protecting it from mudflows. The name of the village literally translates as “belt”. The city has two main beaches: urban pebble and sandy bulk. On the sandy beach you can relax in the Moonlight Park. On the territory of the park of 55,000 sq.m. very cozy. Hundreds of trees and bushes create shade on the meadows and sidewalks, where it is nice to hide from the summer heat. The park has its own water park, dolphinarium, playgrounds with animators, cafes, shops with various Turkish products and even its own shopping center. Well, the biggest plus of the park is access to the sea with a wonderful beach.

The embankment of the resort is one of the three most interesting places that you should definitely see in Kemer. It is difficult to pass by her. This is a well-groomed path along the coast, decorated with dozens of sculptures. Love Rain is a fountain that adorns the main street of Kemer, Ataturk Boulevard. It depicts the embrace of two lovers. There is an orange grove not far from the fountain. Interestingly, the harvest of oranges, lemons and grapefruit is harvested here several times a year.

Fans of antique artifacts will be pleasantly surprised that you can see as many as three ancient cities in Kemer: Olympos, Mira and Phaselis. Each of them has its own temples, amphitheater, tombs, bridges and other architectural monuments that have come down to us through hundreds of years. We invite you to see interesting and inexpensive excursions from Kemer. There is a huge selection and different directions. All tours are designed with soul and care for our guests. Treat yourself to a vibrant and versatile vacation.