Fishing in Kemer from the shore

It is not at all necessary to go far out to sea for a good catch. There are some amazingly beautiful places where fishing from the shore in Kemer is going with a bang

Fishing in Kemer from the shore
Kemer Tours

Fishing in the vicinity of the resort is possible both in fresh water bodies - rivers, lakes, and in the sea. Kemer is a great place for those who like to sit with a fishing rod by the water. After all, here you can combine a beach holiday with fishing. Fishing in Kemer from the shore pleases with a variety of fish and makes this activity truly inspiring.

The resort has specialized shops where everyone can buy fishing rods, tackle and go to the seashore. Of course, you can't get into the harbor area without proper permission, but there is a good alternative. Not far from the famous Moonlight Park, there is a rocky promontory, where fishermen with spinning rods and fishing rods often sit while their children and wives relax on the sandy Moonlight beach.

You don't have to buy fishing accessories, but go with us on a fishing trip with the whole family. We have all the modern equipment and bait for a good bite. We will go where fishing in Kemer from the shore will bring real pleasure. Fishing in Ulupinar awaits you. It is a small village on the banks of a picturesque river. There are centuries-old trees, birds are singing and there are many trout. This is a spiritual relaxation in nature, gambling fishing and freshly prepared catch on the grill. An ideal escape from the noisy resort